Why You Need Qualified Engineers to Draft Holistic and Practical Plans for Floodplain Management in Brisbane

How do Water Engineering Firms in Brisbane Make Stormwater Management Plans?
May 11, 2017

Why You Need Qualified Engineers to Draft Holistic and Practical Plans for Floodplain Management in Brisbane

Brisbane is an expanding city, and that means new developments are made on a constant basis. New settlements and improved housing are required to accommodate a growing population, and that’s not taking into account how many people migrate here every year. As a large metropolis with an affluent economy, Brisbane is a hotspot for entrepreneurs looking to establish themselves and businesses looking to expand, but it’s vital to ensure new development planning take the risk of floods in mind. The city may experience favourable weather conditions for much of the year, but it’s certainly not impervious to heavy rainfall.

It’s crucial to hire qualified engineers to make holistic plans for floodplain management in Brisbane because they can help minimise the damage caused by floods and prevent them from being a problem in the first place. Before new development plans can be realised, the engineers must carry out a floodplain assessment to ensure the development complies with safety standards and isn’t planned to be built in a high-risk area. Usually, this is achieved through a computer simulation, but it’s a good idea to have experienced professionals offer a knowledgeable insight as well.

At Civil and Water Design, our engineers have worked with a range of industry professionals as well as local governments to draft floodplain management plans that ensured the finished developments were built to be prepared for treacherous weather conditions. Our years of experience puts us in the perfect position to provide dependable assistance, from the drafting of management plans to the implementation of flood control systems. Below, this article will detail some factors the engineers take into consideration when drafting plans.

What Goes into Making a Brisbane Floodplain Management Plan?

Making a plan for flood plain management in Brisbane isn’t only concerned with assessing how likely floods are – it’s also concerned with looking at how floods and excess stormwater can be averted, whether or not a site is suitable for development and the costs of preventative measures. Here are some of the main factors the engineers take into consideration:

  • Flood damage cost analysis – Even sites that are deemed suitable for development aren’t necessarily impervious to floods, which is why the engineers analyse the costs of repairing flood damage.
  • Flood modelling – Because just about anywhere is susceptible to flooding in extreme conditions, it’s necessary for the engineers to plan for minimising the potential damage caused.
  • Coastal flood analysis – If a development is to be built near a coastal area, the engineers will need to assess the threat of coastal flooding.
  • Creek and river flood analysis – In certain situations, rain and stormwater can be redirected into nearby rivers, though it’s crucial to ensure this won’t cause the river to flood.

Complex Planning Requires Professional Engineers

At Civil and Water Design, we’re experienced in assessing the risk of flooding at your new development, drafting plans to redirect water and analysing the potential damage floods could cause. If you want your new development to be prepared for the future, contact us today to find out how we can help.