Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is the consideration and integration of water into the urban environment. WSUD takes into consideration urban design, planning, the water-cycle and natural water systems. WSUD can improve the live-ability, urban heat island effect, water-cycle, amenity, ecology, aesthetics, waterway health, environment, cost effectiveness and water quality.

Whilst Water Sensitive Urban Design is often associated with simply installing a bio-retention or wetland system this is only a small part of what WSUD actually does. It involves considering the entire water-cycle and making water a key consideration in design. A design that makes WSUD a priority can be more cost effective, attractive and beneficial to the environment.

At Civil and Water Design we understand Water Sensitive Urban Design. Our engineers and designers are experienced at undertaking WSUD in their projects including analysis and design of WSUD and water quality devices. We can make your project more efficient and beneficial by undertaking WSUD as a component.