Water Engineering

At Civil and Water Design we specialise in water resource engineering complementing our civil engineering capability. We have extensive experience and a broad skill base in the area of water resource engineering. From undertaking planning studies for storm water and waterway networks at a local government level to natural channel design for land development we provide the services our clients need.

From a property development and civil engineering perspective water resource engineering is becoming increasingly important. Developing an appropriate storm water management plan and maximising the portion of a developable property for flood affected land is key in many developments. The personnel at Civil and Water Design have a long history of successfully delivering water solutions for property development and civil engineering projects.

The water engineering which we undertake in the private sector including property development is; flood impact assessments, flood risk management, design within coastal and tidal zones, waterway design, detailed drainage analysis, storm water quantity management (including identifying and designing for a lawful point of discharge), storm water quality management, sediment and erosion control and water sensitive urban design. All our water engineering is done using a wide variety of industry leading methods and software.

Our solutions and designs are considered in the context of the need for maximising the viability or economic outcomes of projects we undertake. The standard or typical approach is not always the best for a project. We strive to do all we can to consider the context completely to achieve the best outcome.