Things to Consider When Searching for a Stormwater Engineer in Brisbane

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May 11, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Things to Consider When Searching for a Stormwater Engineer in Brisbane

Brisbane experiences some favourable weather conditions for large portions of the year, but it can also fall victim to flooding. Though serious floods are relatively rare, bad urban planning can result in stormwater causing congestion, vehicle damage and structural damage in severe cases. Stormwater engineers in Brisbane exist to assist local governments and property developers manage stormwater effectively to avoid unfortunate consequences during and following storms, though it’s crucial to find a qualified engineer that can work with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Often, water can be managed by redirecting it towards nearby lakes and streams, though it’s vital to ensure this process is carefully thought out because too much water can cause streams to overflow and flood other areas. Additionally, water may contain contaminants that cause damage to the environment, so it’s important to keep this consideration in mind during the planning process. You need to find an engineer who can offer professional advice as well as work with you to keep your area safe, which is why our engineers in Brisbane excel in customer service and are trained to the highest industry standards.

At Civil and Water Design, we’ve helped countless local governments and property developers across Australia create safe and effective urban plans and stormwater drainage solutions to minimise the risk of damage by flooding. We’re committed to protecting the environment throughout the design and implementation process, and we use the latest methods and tools to ensure your goals are met. Below, this article explores some of the factors that make a reputable Brisbane stormwater engineer.

Finding a Reputable Stormwater Engineer in Brisbane

Urban planning is a difficult process for all sorts of reasons. You need to think about infrastructure, how to minimise congestion and the environment, and it’s also crucial to consider stormwater management carefully. Here are a few things you should look for when searching for civil engineers:

  • Credentials – It’s important to find a company that only hires qualified professionals to ensure the risk of mistakes is minimised. The best companies only hire Chartered Professional Engineers and QUU Endorsed Consultants.
  • Experience – Civil engineering is a difficult job that is mastered through extensive experience. You ought to search for a company that can prove it is up to the task at hand and has previously completed an abundance of similar jobs.
  • Testimonials – Customer testimonials are largely unbiased and written by real customers, which is why they can give you a good insight into a company’s professionalism. Read as many testimonials as reasonably possible to understand what a company is capable of doing.

We are a popular choice for local governments and urban planners because we tick all the boxes and possess all the benefits listed above.

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Our engineers take great pride in their work and exist to ensure your urban development project is prepared for events such as floods and excess stormwater. Through complex networks and runoff systems, we can help you create an urban development that is prepared for the future. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.