Stormwater Network Planning

The personnel at Civil and Water Design have an in-depth knowledge of public infrastructure, infrastructure planning and local government. In particular we are very familiar with the planning, legislation and technical requirements for stormwater network planning. Stormwater network planning incorporates not only the main stormwater pipes and engineered channels but also includes natural assets such as waterways and other engineered assets such as Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) devices.

It’s not a case of simply knowing the science or technical theory behind infrastructure and planning in the Local Government sphere. A big part of the challenge is knowing and understanding the needs of the various stakeholders which at times can appear contradictory. These stakeholders include asset managers, those implementing policy industry and so on. Not only is it important to understand these needs (in addition to knowing the statutory requirements) it is then necessary to resolve the various needs and stakeholder input into a solution and methodology that meets the objectives in a prioritised, integrated way.

At Civil and Water Design we understand this due to our extensive experience in the public sector. These principals are intertwined into everything we do in planning and working with the Government. We have a strong desire to achieve results that meet varying and even competing objectives in an integrated seamless way.