Sewer and Water

Do you need a new sewer and/or water connection for your property?
Do you need an engineering design for your water and sewer?

At Civil and Water Design our engineers have the certifications and knowledge needed to get you an approved water and sewer connection.

When splitting your lot (whether it be a small or large subdivision) you will often need a sewer connection and water connection for each new lot. In some cases these connections are very small and in other circumstances significant design is needed. We can cater for any of these needs.

For a small connection in Brisbane or Ipswich for example you need an endorsed Queensland Urban Utilities minor works engineer. We offer this certification which makes the process so much smoother for you as you can talk to the designer and certifier.

Often accompanying the water and wastewater designs is the design of stormwater drainage that complies with regulations and achieves a lawful point of discharge. Our civil engineering design is done in such a way so that all of these elements are integrated together.

So contact us today at Civil and Water Design for a free quote or assessment on organising your water and sewer connection designs.