Jeremy Cox BEng (Civil), MIEAust, NPER, CPEng, RPEQ

Jeremy Cox – Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Civil and Water Design Jeremy Cox is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with Engineers Australia as well as a Registered Professional Engineer (RPEQ) with the Queensland Board of Professional Engineers. Jeremy is qualified in both civil and environmental engineering highlighting his knowledge and understanding of civil and water engineering.

Having a strong understanding, and experience in civil and water engineering, Jeremy has led and undertaken civil designs for both the public and private sectors. These designs often included a significant water resource engineering component. Notably, Jeremy undertook these at organisations such as Brisbane City Council (BCC) and other large private corporations. As a consultant Jeremy has been involved in the redesign of damaged infrastructure due to the 2011 flood for numerous local governments throughout South East Queensland (SEQ). Additionally Jeremy has been the technical lead for a number of flood risk management assessments in South East Queensland and frequently finds innovative solutions for offsetting the impacts of infrastructure or development on flooding and waterways.

As a public servant Jeremy was heavily involved in, and led concept development and design of, public open spaces and infrastructures with significant waterways at Brisbane City Council. Also at Brisbane City Council Jeremy undertook infrastructure planning and had technical engineering input into the new 2014 City Plan.

“I think it’s fair to say that in civil engineering today there is a frequent need to integrate traditional civil engineering with the more recent science and methods of managing waterways and rainfall runoff. This is true of property development, public open space, infrastructure and infrastructure planning.
“I could see there was a need to bring to the market a company that understands this, is experienced at delivering integrated designs and has a passion to bring their knowledge and experience to clients in such a way so as to achieve the best, most economic outcomes. This is why I started Civil and Water Design and I hope to bring these benefits to as many as possible.”
–Jeremy Cox