Flooding and flood risk have been important considerations for a long time. This has been emphasised by flooding in recent years in Queensland from the outback western and central Queensland communities to the monsoonal north to the densely populated south east. Engineering solutions and engineering analysis for flooding is not a small one dimensional endeavour. It is a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted consideration. A house renovation for a property identified as being in an overland flow path requires a flood risk assessment to gain building certification. While this assessment will largely be a computer modelling exercise the assessment needs to consider things such as the impact of safety due to the depth and speed of flow, structural implications and architectural constraints all related to flooding. Just as the design of a levee or some other flood mitigation device requires input from areas such as geotechnical engineering, economics, urban design, town planning, environmental engineering, climate, civil design and drainage (just to name a few).

Consequently, flooding, in the engineering context, is something that needs to be considered holistically and practically. It requires a depth of engineering knowledge and experience to gain a comprehensive understanding so as to achieve best results.

A flooding analysis in engineering can take many forms and include:
  • Site or location specific flood risk management plans
  • Catchment flood risk management plans
  • Flood damages cost analysis
  • Overland flow assessment
  • Creek and river flood analysis
  • Estuarine flood analysis
  • Tidal flood analysis
  • Coastal flood analysis
  • Stormwater flood analysis
  • Flood modelling
  • Flood impact assessment

The engineers at Civil and Water Design understand these different forms of flood analysis and the multi-faceted nature of them. Our extensive experience in the area of flood engineering demonstrates this. That is why flood and water engineering is a core part of our company and why we are industry leaders in these fields. It is our desire to apply this to our clients’ projects in the most cost effective beneficial way.