Civil Engineering Project Support

At Civil and Water Design we apply our engineering and regulatory knowledge to assessing feasibility and planning for projects. Our ability for seeing opportunities and understanding requirements will aid you in having a more successful and efficient project.

Project support, planning, feasibility and assessing a project is of high importance for any successful undertaking. This takes an appreciation of all aspects of a project including: knowing and understanding statutory constraints; understanding the engineering constraints, project timing,
environmental impacts, project objectives and project budget.

We strive to engage with our clients to gain an appreciation of all aspects of the projects with which we are involved. It is our desire to assist our clients in having the most beneficial experience possible from working with us. Once we have gained an appropriate understanding of our clients’ needs, objectives, timing and so on we use our technical and regulatory knowledge to help our clients plan for their projects.

When considering undertaking a project it is desirable to assess the feasibility of whether the cost justifies the benefit and whether the level of risk is appropriate for the return. These things are all important to answer. Just quantifying the costs and risks can be a difficult task. We make it our business to help inform you with as much information as possible to support you in this process. Experience and understanding makes identifying risks and costs more effective as we apply our knowledge and understanding to help our clients in assessing feasibility.