Civil Engineering Infrastructure Planning

Civil and Water Design offers planning support to the public sector for infrastructure planning. The State Government in Queensland introduced the Sustainable Planning (Infrastructure Charges) and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014 (SPICOLA) in 2014. The purpose of the amendments were designed to streamline the process developers undertake relating to delivery of and/or charges for infrastructure. Additionally, it has allowed for state assistance with catalyst infrastructure. In doing so by assisting and empowering Local Government further. The introduction of SPICOLA means the Local Government Priority Infrastructure Plans (PIP) now become Local Government Infrastructure Plans (LGIP). The changes due to the SPICOLA and the introduction of the LGIP will result in a need to review planning for infrastructure networks and an understanding of the implications.

This relates to planning for trunk (or major) infrastructure for transport, water supply, sewer, stormwater and community facilities. Ensuring the definition for the trunk is clear to industry and the infrastructure is planned as efficiently and comprehensively as possible will be paramount for Local Government.

At Civil and Water Design we understand the need for infrastructure planning for both public and private sectors. Due to our experience with infrastructure planning for Local Government in South East Queensland, we are well equipped to help Local Government undertake and implement infrastructure planning. We work with Local Governments in identifying the need for and implementing planning activities for public infrastructure. Our track record, and understanding of the competing needs when it comes to public infrastructure, makes us a valuable contributor in helping achieve the best possible outcomes.