Civil Engineering & Development Application Support

A significant part of the challenge in a successful civil engineering project is knowing and understanding the statutory requirements.

When you develop land in Queensland, for example, whether it’s;

  • Splitting one lot into two
  • Constructing townhouses
  • Building a new industrial shed
  • Or undertaking a 200 lot subdivision,

You need to understand your Development Application (DA) requirements and what that means. It’s not just simply a case of filling out a form and gaining approval. Firstly you need to determine what sort of approval you need. And secondly you need to know what the implications of that are. Navigating the local planning scheme, understanding how it relates to the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA) and the State Planning Policy is important. Then you know how much, or how little, engineering documentation and design you need to include in your development application.It is crucial to develop both appropriate economic designs and communicate effectively with your Council to allow for timely approval and certification.

Therefore, understanding government regulations and producing appropriate documentation for your Development Application is paramount with development and civil engineering.

How we can help with your Development Application

Civil and Water Design offers support throughout the application and approval process for your project. We understand the planning and regulatory requirements and will liaise with the government throughout to ensure the most efficient process possible. Where needed we will arrange additional services on your behalf to complete your project.

It is our extensive experience with government (both from working in and working with) that allows us to understand the application and approval process and helps ensure outcomes are reached with the greatest efficiency.

Contact us on (07) 3472 5918 today and we can assist you with your Development Application.