Civil Engineering & Design

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering design is a fundamental part of our organisation. At Civil and Water Design we develop both civil engineering designs and water engineering designs for a large range of developments.These projects can range on a scale from residential to commercial to industrial. From the small projects of dividing one lot into a two lot subdivision to the master plan level development’s we can provide the quality designs, advice and guidance you need and have the ability to be agile due to our effective partnerships and having access to a large pool of resources. No undertaking is too big or small for our qualified and dedicated team

Our civil designs are unique due to:
  1. Making it our priority to ensure design objectives are met in the best and most economical way.
  2. Our ability to integrate our designs with water and stormwater engineering components in house.
  3. Our experience in integrating with all disciplines (engineering techniques) relating to your project to ensure comprehensive and optimised designs.

We always achieve engineering excellence through our understanding of fundamental engineering principles. We apply this understanding to all our civil and water designs. Along with our excellence in design we always strive to be clear and effective in our communication of the technical issues and designs on overall project outcomes.